How can LifeLoop.Live help my community?
LifeLoop.Live helps churches, ministries and Christian nonprofits digitally express their mission in Christ. The platform offers communities an easy way to bring their members online, with features such as face-to-face group video, text-to-group messaging, social media integration, and screen-sharing of the Word and other program and study materials. At the same time, LifeLoop.Live enables users to reach beyond their existing community, and engage with an ever-growing network of individuals and Christian communities.
Does my church have to be a member of LifeLoop.live before I can use the site?
No, LifeLoop.live is open to everyone. Once you create an account you can browse and join groups of interest. However, if you want to manage a group using the LifeLoop.live platform, your community must be a member. You can sign your community up here.
How do I setup my community’s page on LifeLoop.Live?

Once your community has been signed up as a member, you can start setting up your community’s homepage. This includes:

  • Inviting staff, volunteers, and members
  • Uploading images and videos
  • Adding links to website, social media and donation pages
  • Creating public and private groups based on topics and/or services relevant to your community’s mission. (ex. bible study, support, counseling)
  • Creating community groups to manage your staff and/or volunteers
  • Setting group permissions (see below for more info on group permissions)
What are Groups?
Groups are the cornerstone of the LifeLoop.Live experience, and are organized around topics such as bible study, support, volunteer training and much more. Communities create and use groups to communicate and interact with their members.
How do I find a specific Group?
You can browse groups from our homepage, or use the use the “search group” button at the top right of the page.
How do I add groups to the site for my community?
Before you can add groups to the site, your community must a member. You can sign your church here. If your community is already signed up, please refer to our knowledge base for instructions on creating and managing groups.
What is a Group Leader?
Group leaders are responsible managing groups. They can add and delete members to the group, send group communications, schedule meetings, configure privacy settings, edit group descriptions and select group images.
How do I become a group leader?
If your community is already signed up with LifeLoop.Live, contact your community’s administrator and request an invite to become a group leader.
What are Group Permissions and how do I set them?

There are three different settings for your groups that determine who can see and/or access a given group:

  • Public - Group is visible/present on the LifeLoop.Live home and on the community's community page.
  • Community Only - Group is only visible/present on the specific community's community page, i.e. lifeloop.live/yourchurch-or-lifeloop.live/yourministry
  • Private - Group is not visible to the community. Members of the group must be specifically invited. The group is only accessible from an individual's personal profile.
What do I do if I am having problems with any of LifeLoop.Live’s features such as web-conferencing or text messaging?
Please click here to access our troubleshooting guide.